Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hike with family

My family came to visit in August and one evening we went on a hike in Provo. At the end of the hike, there was an awesome water fall. Tori got to come with us and she loved it. She was made to be outside.

Blankets...and more blankets!

I kind of went crazy making blankets for all of my friends who are having babies. It has been a lot of fun because I've been able to pick out colors that would match their personalities and customize them to the baby.

This one was made for Kristen. Her whole nursery is pink, green, and yellow. I thought it would match really well.
This one was made for Mrs. Taylor. I think this is by far my favorite because of the turquoise.

Tiffany was the lucky one. She got a burp cloth with hers. It was made from scratch....literally. I was just messing around and it probably took me longer to make the burp cloth than the blanket. I just hope it doesn't fall apart ;)
I got to give this one to Lynn last night. And she seemed to love it! yay!
I've had a blast learning how to make all these crafts since I've come to UT. People are so talented and so willing share. I love it!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moved In

As of August 8th, we moved into our newly purchased home. We absolutely love it! The ward members have been sooo friendly! We have already had two families bring us delicious treats and another neighbor helped us hall off our backyard of weeds. We just got Internet yesterday so I'll have to add some pictures in our next post. We're putting together some before and after pictures of the backyard, so it might be a little bit until you get to see those. Here's an idea of how it looked when we moved grass, dirt, weeds up to my hip, and very ugly trees. So far we have most of the weeds gone and the trees are cut down. Within a few more days we will put down top soil, hopefully. My parents visited last week and they were very helpful! Thanks to them we were able to cut down all the weeds in a day. And trust me, that was a task! Yesterday we bought a real couch! It will be delivered in about 2 weeks! No more futon...yay!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Accessories!

This weekend we had something friends visit, which we ALWAYS love! Danielle stayed the night as she made her drive from Texas back to Idaho. Ryan and Mylissa came to see a family member get baptized and they stayed with us a couple nights. Last night while the boys played their games we got creative and painted this master piece! Originally I had asked Mylissa to paint the middle piece. She brought it with her and Kemp & I thought she did an amazing job! We decided it would look even better to add the other two pieces. By the way we have purchased a home and the closing date is Aug 8th! We are moving in a week!!! Anyways, there's a wall in our soon to be living room that I think this would look perfect on. It matches our living room colors perfectly. I can't wait to move in and hang this on our wall. I think it might be the first thing I do :)