Saturday, May 31, 2008


We were fortunate enough to walk together....side-by-side
Both of our parents made it out to see us!
Brion & Danielle! I can't believe we all made it!
Of course, we went to the fanciest restaurant in BV: Applebee's

We would like to make a shout out to several of our friends....
we miss you guys so much! Please keep in touch!
  • Marc & Nicky Hadfield: You guys mean the world to us! Thanks so much for sharing Zara with us. We really miss her elf laugh! :) We hope we can meet up soon. We are planning on seeing you guys in Utah. Be safe!
  • Pete & Sara Hansen: You guys were always so helpful with everything. We learned a lot from you guys and hope to see you sometime in Utah soon. You both are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl! She will be gorgeous! Good luck with cheer next year :)
  • Brion & Danielle Morriss: What can we say?...It's going to be really different living without you guys close to us. We are sure that we will cross paths very soon....there's no way to keep Kemp and Brion apart for long. Thanks for everything, really! You guys are awesome!
  • Matt & Amber Hadfield: You guy are so sweet. Thanks for all the girls nights and being there for me while Kemp was gone. It really meant a lot to hang out with all the girls and you. Are are a great example of what a mother should be like and we wish you and Matt the best of blessings with all that you do. Good luck with finishing school and being President, Matt.
  • Houston & Cara Reynolds: You guys were a blast to get to know during our last few weeks of school. We wish you guys luck with your new adventure before you, the baby. Thanks for everything!
Of course there are many other people who have touched our lives while we were at SVU.
We wish everyone good luck with the future!