Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mavs vs. Clippers

We went to TX to visit my parents one more time before the baby comes. It was awesome getting to eat at all our favorite restaurants and catching up with old friends. My parents took us to the Mavs vs. Clippers game which was a lot of fun. Kemp was being a rebel and cheered for the Clippers. We had a Mavs fan , of course, sitting in front of us and they had fun picking on each other throughout the game. Mavs ended up winning though!

Monday, January 10, 2011

26 weeks

I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable, but that isn't comparable to how sick I was the 1st trimester. I'd rather feel like I do now than ever experience being on my death bed the 1st 20 weeks again. I can feel her move more, but Kemp has only felt her move once. I keep trying to hurry and grab his hand but she always stops once he has a chance to put his hand on my belly. I guess that's usually how it works. She is such a tease. It's still crazy to look at my belly in the mirror knowing that there's a little person in there. What an amazing way to bring people into this world. I just hope Kemp and I can take care of her in every good way possible.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whitney's 24th Birthday!

Is it sad that I have already started to forget how old I am? I think for the past several months if someone asked how old I was, I would say 24....but I was 23. Now I am officially 24! I have a little girl on the way and my husband is still the love of my life. I think life has been treating me very well.

I met up with a few girl friends for a late lunch since Kemp had plans for us once he got off work. The girls and I ate at Dickey's BBQ. I grew up eating it back in TX so I'm very happy to have one open up close by. I meant to take a camera but I'm still terrible about taking pictures. I promise to be better once Miss Jacie comes.

Kemp's plans: We ate dinner at this yummy Italian restaurant called Caffe Molise in Salt Lake City. After dinner, we went to the movie theater to see if there was anything good playing and nothing good start until 9 pm so we decided to skip the movie. There's a Chocolate Factory by the theater so I got a Butterfinger covered caramel apple. MMMM. The next surprise was staying overnight at the Marriott. We have always talked about staying overnight somewhere just for fun so it was perfect.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Bedding

I finally found the perfect baby bedding. I'm not a big fan of pink and haven't had any luck finding girl bedding that doesn't have pink so my mom and I were going to make it. I found some really cute fabric that's purple, turquoise, and has some green. I was getting ready to order it but I went and registered yesterday at Babies R Us and found purple, turquoise, and green bedding! I couldn't believe it! Now I won't have to stress over making the bed set. Here it is and I can't wait to get started on the room now.