Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cherry Blossoms Giveaway!

Kiley makes the cutest hair accessories for our little ones. She is offering a giveaway for these two items:I absolutely love her stuff!
Check out the giveaway at Cherry Blossoms Blog
Cherry Blossoms Etsy Site

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl's Weekend

Thanks to Mylissa and Danielle I didn't have to be alone this weekend while Kemp went to Idaho to finish up his tooth problems. It was so awesome to have them visit! I'm soooo grateful to have them as my friends especially since I'm still warming up to Utah. (Seriously, Danielle & Mylissa, thank you sooo're friendship means a lot to me!) We had fun shopping and trying to be crafty. I got some material to start up a little baby quilt for fun. We also bought some tile at Home Depot and went to a neighbors house and got her help with some vinyl lettering. It was an awesome weekend!

Mylissa, me, Danielle

This is the one Mylissa and I did. We loved this quote!

Snow Beast

I look Tori outside like we do every morning and it had snowed that night. When I went outside to check on her, I found this little snow beast! AH!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting Idaho

We went to visit our friends and family in Idaho. On the way there it started raining a little bit, but we saw the most amazing rainbow! I don't know if I've ever felt to close to one before and we were able to see both ends. The pictures don't do it justice but it was really neat.We got to hang out with a few of Kemp's high school friends and friends from SVU. Brion and Danielle have a cute little dog that Tori got to play with. It was very tempting to get a second dog so that Tori could have a little buddy to play with while we are at work. We'll see about that though.All of our nieces and nephews had a blast playing with Tori. Bailey and Tanner would put her on the tramp and try to help her jump. Tori was a little scared but they were having so much fun. Tori did so well with the kids and the kids were being gentle with her for the most part. They just had her running all over the house, inside and out. Tori was so tired after playing with the kids. She just flopped over after they all left. She slept the whole way back to Utah...which was about 5 hours.