Monday, September 29, 2008

Trip to Idaho

Not only did we get to see Vic and Mel get married in Idaho, but we got to visit Kemp's side of the family. It's always great to see them and all the kids. We did all kinds of things while we were there: our nephew's (Kole) football game/BBQ, four wheeling, hiking, boating, and play games with the kids in a park.
The family watching Kole play
Kole #15Baby JessI thought this was too funny!Becki is driving, Jess is on Becki, then we have Carli and Chasten.Here's Tanner and Grandpa (Kemp's dad)Poor Kemp got stung by wasps while we were hiking. But no worries, Becki came to the rescue with some mud.Tanner and CarliHere's Brandt, Becki, Kole, Talli, Carli, and Jess. Brandt is Kemp's brother.Going back to Brandt and Becki's House. We just loved 4 wheeling. I hope one day we can get some!
Now for our boating experience...

Here's Garett (Kemp's other brother)And Ash (Garett's wife)The kids Gage and Bailey

At the park, Uncle Kemp with Tanner and Chasten

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Martinez 9-5-08

We had the opportunity of seeing some friends of ours get sealed in the Rexburg Temple. The temple is absolutely amazing; it's probably one of our favorites. The spirit was so strong throughout the whole ceremony. It was a powerful reminder of the convenants we made to each other when we got married.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Texas A&M

We are a little behind on keeping things updated. I've recently started focusing a lot more on Genuine Accents. I'm preparing to vend at cheer, dance, and gymnastics competitions. The first cheerleading competition is October 11th so we're pushin it trying to get inventory, displays, and all sorts of other things put together and organized.

We went to visit my brother, Tony, at Texas A&M August 30th. We got to see Bill Cosby do a comedy show for the students (which was super funny) and a football game. It's crazy how involved all the students are at A&M. Everything revolves around traditions. One that Kemp and I really like is that they have 5 guys who are the Yell Leaders instead of having cheerleaders. These Yell Leaders stand on the track below all the students and make hand signals to the crowd. Everyone in the crowd starts making the signal and they ALL start yelling the cheer. I've never seen a student body so invovled. They also have a tradition of standing the WHOLE game. Kemp and I sat down once and people started turning around telling us to stand up.

The Texas A&M band performed at the half time show and they did some pretty amazing stuff. All their transitions were really cool to watch.